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Find Dental Clinics in Maine. We list out all of the cities below where we have located dental clinics. We provide listings of community dental clinics, affordable dental clinics, and free dental clinics in Maine.

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Latest dental clinics added in Maine

Rowland B. French Medical Center

30 Boynton St.
Eastport, ME - 04631
(207) 853-6001

Nasson Health Care Dental Services

15 Oak Street
Springvale, ME - 04083
(207) 490-6900

Aroostook Valley Dental Center

33 Walker St.
Ashland, ME - 04732
(207) 435-6273

Penobscot Community Dental Clinic

1048 Union Street
Bangor, ME - 04401
(207) 992-2152

Penobscot Community Dental Clinic (Old Town)

242 Brunswick Street
Old Town, ME - 04468
(207) 827-6128

Jackman Community Health Cetner

376 US-201
Jackman, ME - 04945
(207) 668-7755

St. Mary's Regional Medical Center

60 Second Street
Auburn, ME - 04210
(207) 755-3456

Sebasticook Family Doctors Dental Services (Dexter)

29 Church Street
Dexter, ME - 04930
(702) 924-5200

Health Access Network Lincoln Dental

9 Main Street
Lincoln, ME - 04457
(207) 794-6700

Health Access Network Lee Office

21 Winn Road
Lee, ME - 04455
(207) 794-6700

Brewer School Clinics

5 Pendleton Street and Parkway South
Brewer, ME - 04412
(207) 992-2393

DFD Russell Medical Center Turner Office

7 Main Street
Turner, ME - 04282
(207) 225-2676

General Dental Clinic Tips

Waiting Lists

Many dental clinics, especially low cost and free clinics have waiting lists. We recommend you call ahead to determine if there is a waiting list.

Make An Appointment

For anything other than an emergency, we recommend calling for an appoinment. We have received many emails from users stating that this is a very important piece of advice.


When possible we try to list the costs for services. The problem is that there are many types of dental procedures that we could not possibly list all of the prices for. We try to list service fees where we can.

If you have visited the clinic before, please visit the clinic page on our website so you can add the costs you paid for services. This helps all future visitors to the website.

Residency Requirements

Be sure to check the details on the clinics. Many have residency requirements by city or county.