Alexander Valley Regional Dental Center

Cloverdale, CA
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100 W 3rd Street
Cloverdale, CA - 95425

707-894-2094 Click to call There is 1 comment. Scroll down to see the details. Website Go to Facebook Page

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About Alexander Valley Regional Dental Center

Alexander Valley Regional Dental Center provides the following health services: Medical Services Dental Services. Children’s dentistry Dental hygiene education Digital X-rays Emergency care General dentistry Oral surgery Periodontics Preventive care Referral services Restorations Alexander Valley Healthcare Dental currently only accepts Medi-Cal.  If you don’t have insurance, you can also pay out of pocket for your visit.  Call the clinic to schedule an appointment for more information.  Payment for services is expected at time of visit.  In the dental office, they give a 15% discount for paying at the time of service. You may be eligible for other programs to cover costs for services.  If you make less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level and are not eligible for any government health insurance program, you may qualify for a discount visit fee.  Please call (707) 894-4229 to schedule an appointment with the Certified Enrollment Counselor.  A Sliding Scale of charges is available, they are able to give you an estimate of the cost for your visit.

Mission Statement: To Provide Excellent Comprehensive Primary Care
Questions To Ask Your Dentist
1. How am I expected to pay?
2. What are the costs for services. Is this discounted or based on income?
3. What Documents am I required to provide?
4. Do you need me to provide income statements in order to verify discounts, mail to provide residency?
5. How are the instruments sterilized?
Heat sterilization is very important for all instruments. If you are not comfortable with their answer, you can choose another office.

Anonymous - Jan 24, 2019

DO NOT GO HERE. I only went here to begin with because I had a bad abscess and needed antibiotics. They do not provide ANY comfort care whatsoever. I attempted to communicate that I have severe anxiety and need some sort of calming agent, be it gas, pills of some kind, or even sedation, to deal with the following extraction. I know my body, I know what type of dentistry works best for me, but they DO NOT CARE. This makes me very skeptical of the quality of their other services, if they are unwilling to provide the very most basic of comfort care to their patients. I ultimately canceled my extraction appointment, because I was vomiting uncontrollably from fear they refuse to admit exists. I would literally rather die of an abscess than subject myself to sub-par care.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: If I don't qualify for free care or sliding scale, based on my income, how much do I have to pay for dental services?
Answer: The cost of dental services varies from State to State, and, from one Clinic to another. We have a question and answer section above that may answer some of your questions. If it does not, please call the clinic directly. We list the phone number above.

Question: Do I qualify for free or low cost services in a Community Health Center if I have an Insurance that does not cover everything and with a high deductible?
Answer: A community Health Center can be used by anyone, whether they have insurance or not, the cost will be based on a sliding scale. Contact your local community health care for more information.

Question: Can I schedule, reschedule, or cancel an appointment with a Clinic through your website?
Answer: No. We do not have direct contact with any of the Clinics listed on our website, we only provide the locations with the clinics and/or Community Health Centers contact information, you must call them directly.

Question: Who should I contact to inform that a Clinic have moved to a different location, and/or changed their phone number, or, any other information changed or is wrong, to update the listing?
Answer: Please leave a comment on the form directly above this section. Please be specific on the listing that needs updating, with the new information; or, you may send an email to with the new information. Make sure you mention the name and address of the listing. If the Clinic moved location, please mention the previous address in order for us to locate it within our listings.

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